Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement supports job creation in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – Vancouver MLAs are expressing their support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, one of the largest and most comprehensive trade deals in the world.

“As Canada’s Pacific Gateway, British Columbia will benefit from increased trade generated by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which will support economic growth and job creation in Vancouver,” said Suzanne Anton, MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview. “Our city is home to the headquarters of many forestry companies, like Pacific BioEnergy and Canfor, which export their products to more than 20 companies worldwide, and to Kryton International Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of crystalline concrete waterproofing systems located in my riding. The partnership will help these global enterprises achieve their full potential by eliminating tariffs, making their products more affordable, and increasing access to new markets in Asia.”

“Forestry isn’t the only industry that will benefit from the TPP Agreement. Vancouver has a vibrant, thriving seafood industry, which sells products to consumers around the world,” said Sam Sullivan, MLA for Vancouver-False Creek. “Pacific Rim Shellfish is a wholesaler and exporter of live shellfish, and employs 20 people at their facility on Granville Island. The company predicts that the agreement will allow them to double their sales in TPP markets, creating jobs for its Vancouver plant and for the local seafood industry.”

“Because our business relies on access to foreign markets, reducing trade barriers is critical for our industry to grow and remain globally competitive,” said Kari Yuers, President and CEO of Kryton International Inc. “Kryton International exports waterproofing products to 48 countries, and has averaged growth of over 20 per cent in each of the last three years. We support the TPP, which will reduce barriers to trade and make it easier for us to grow our business and compete with companies around the world. Selling more product means we can hire more people and invest more heavily in the local economy.”

On April 14, the B.C. Legislature passed a motion in support of Canada’s ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to raise awareness of the many benefits the Partnership will have for our province.

As a result of the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

  • B.C. exports are expected to increase by $508 million annually ($320 million in exports, $188 million in services).
  • B.C. is expected to gain 2,500 jobs.
  • B.C.’s GDP could increase by as much as $325 million annually.

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