VANCOUVER – The B.C. government will fund 228 extreme weather shelter spaces in Vancouver this winter to help those whose health and safety may be threatened by cold, wet weather.

The temporary spaces will be available from now until March 31, 2016 when extreme weather alerts are issued. They will be available at:

  • Directions Youth Service Centre, 1138 Burrard Street – 18 spaces
  • Evelyne Saller Centre, 320 Alexander Street – 40 spaces
  • Men’s Hostel, 828 Cambie Street – 20 spaces
  • First Baptist Church, 969 Burrard Street – 25 spaces
  • The Gathering Place, 609 Helmcken Street – 40 spaces
  • St. Mark’s Extreme Weather Shelter, 1805 Larch Street – 25 spaces
  • The Salvation Army – Belkin House, 555 Homer Street – 20 spaces
  • Harbour Light, 119 East Cordova Street – 40 spaces

Each community decides what weather conditions warrant an alert and how many spaces to activate on a given night, depending on the capacity of existing shelters and the estimated need.

Throughout British Columbia, close to 1,200 temporary emergency shelter spaces will be available this winter in approximately 100 communities.

The provincial government also funds outreach teams to help people connect with a range of services, such as housing, health care and community supports. Last year, more than 7,200 people in B.C. were connected to housing, income assistance and a range of support services by provincially funded homeless outreach and shelter workers.

A list of permanent shelter spaces is available at:

To receive notifications on when communities are issuing Extreme Weather Alerts, follow BC Housing on Twitter: @BC_Housing.