Your MLA for Vancouver-False Creek

Dear Constituents,

False-CreekAs the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek, I am pleased to be representing this vibrant community in the BC Legislature. I would especially like to thank former MLA Mary McNeil for her important work and the continued efforts of the Constituency Office where her experienced Constituency Assistant Cris Garvey continues to help constituents and further community interests. The continuity and strong support has allowed me to move into my role as MLA without missing a beat.

My first months as elected representative included an introduction to the legislative proceedings as the House went into a month long session following the election last May. This introduction also provided an opportunity to become familiar with our provincial capital Victoria.

More recently, I have been focused on committee work.  As the Deputy Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, which recently completed an unprecedented four day review of a dozen Auditor General Reports, I am becoming immersed in the legislative process.

I also sit on the Legislative Review Committee which takes a look at all legislation slated for consideration by government as well as the Cabinet Working Committee for Core Review which evaluates all levels of Government programs and services.

I was fortunate to visit Prince George and Fort St. John to gain first hand understanding of the booming economy and the people working in different industries. I also travelled to Regina and London, UK on behalf of the Public Accounts Committee in order to engage and learn from people representing many Commonwealth Nations.

I’m excited to be working with a group of people who are advising on a unique communications plan. I’m hoping to put out video blogs to provide more information about public policy issues and the history of BC and how these relate to my role in the legislative process. As part of promoting greater interest in our history, I and the Commanding Officer of the BC Regiment Harj Sarjjan hosted the 200th Anniversary of Fort George, an important milestone in our history.

As we move towards a four month sitting of the House, I’m looking forward to help create the legislation that will shape the future of the province.

Sam Sullivan

MLA Vancouver – False Creek

Speech From the Throne

Throne 2015

The government’s Speech From the Throne outlined B.C.’s agenda to create jobs and opportunity throughout British Columbia – growing a diverse economy to fund vital public services. Learn more.

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